Musical highlight The Sunday evening concert was a particularly marvellous event for the listeners. The Belgian organist Johan Hermans proofed his amazing technical level. Besides his technical mastery Hermans possesses an artistic quality which lifts his music over the borders of virtuosity into the realm of true music. His Bach-interpretation proofed to be of a direct clarity and a musical quality that will stick in the minds of the listeners for a long time – probably even the best interpretation ever in the North. His Franck-interpretation was a true triumph of registration art and dramatic expression. The audience was left speechless, stunned and deeply touched by this unusually rich and sovereignty performed concert.

BERLIN , Germany

His Bach playing is masterfully organized, perfectly articulated, delicately registered and lovingly ornamented. A true master of the organ.
(Berliner Morgenpost)

MEAUX (Paris region), France

Excellent concert Inspiring. Johan Hermans used his remarkable skills as a first class musician to give a new interpretation of the works of known composers.
(La République de Seine et Marne)


Marvelous organ play, performed wonderfully sensitive and inward going.

ALZEY , Germany

With amazing virtuosity A special concert experience. Virtuosity and intense performance joy were combined with gracefully light and delicate playing. …performed impressively calm and even, but at the same time showing a huge dynamic tension and powerful expression. Stylishly chosen registrations.

LIMOGES , France

Stirring registration, dynamically balanced and in an immediately persuading tempo. Performed with virtuosity and musical feeling.
(Journal de Millau)


Impressive accurate interpretation with stylish registration. Magnificent. Full of fantasy. The technical perfection of the organist is based on inner calm and concentration and completely aimed at increasing the dramatic expression.
(Westfälisches Volksblatt)

OIRSCHOT, Eindhoven region, Nederland

Idealistic, artistically gifted musician. Virtuosity, a smooth style and a tasteful approach led to truly brilliant results. Unique and fantasy filled registrations, performed with appropriate daring and an unseen insight. Empathy and melancholy, brilliant climaxes and contemplative tranquillity.
(Eindhovens Dagblad)


Brilliant. Unforgettable performance….divine….
(Rheinische Post)

EVANSVILLE, United States

Johan Hermans displayed outstanding musicianship. The audience responded very well to his spoken notes about the music and were very pleased to meet him personally at the reception which followed.
(Dr. Douglas Reed, Professor in Indiana)

HOUSTON, United States

Forceful interpretations and stunning virtuosity, reminding about Flor Peeters’ style. He projects a warm presence as well, involving the audience in the meaning of the works he proposes, commenting them with verve and perspicacity. He comes across with deep human sensibility.
(André Crispin, Honorary consul)

LONDON, United Kingdom

Johan Hermans gave a brilliant solo account of himself in music by Bach, Franck and Peeters.
(The Independent)

BRNO, Czech Republic

Organ recital was vital and colourful. The program was well chosen …J.H. certainly could be called the ideal of a performer, combining highly intelligent musicianship with a virtuoso technique, the insight in all the secrets of the art of registration, and the ability to communicate with his audience. His oral notes were informative and really helped to develop a relationship with the audience.
(Cesky Noviny)

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